“100 hospitalisations a day by start of October”

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday Prof Van Gucht of the health science institute Sciensano confirmed the continued rising trend of corona infections in Belgium, though added that the rising trend had been less pronounced during the past three days.

“It’s the 19th day in a row that the number of new infections rises.  It’s thanks to everybody’s efforts that we are able to stabilise the curve and in time bend it downwards.”

Most infections are being recorded in the 10 to 20 age bracket.

“Most infections are not observed among children at school, but among young adults who have left school” said Van Gucht. “There is a clear spike among 18-year-olds.  We are linking this to the return from holidays abroad and an outbreak at an asylum centre.”

There is also a big increase in infections among over-70s.

“Here we’ve recorded a doubling.  It is precisely in this group that there is the greatest chance of complications, hospitalisations and deaths. We need to make sure the disease isn’t passed on to the elderly, our parents and grandparents.

Hospitalisations are up for the 18th day in a row.

“At the present rate we are seeing a doubling every ten days.  If this rate continues, we will see an average of 100 daily hospitalisations by the beginning of October.”

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