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Bulldozer used to attack bank

In Nieuwenrode, part of Kapelle-op-den-Bos in Flemish Brabant Province a stolen bulldozer, was used to attack a bank branch.

It was around 3:30AM that the attack on the Crelan branch started.

Local Mayor Huysmans takes up the story: “Gangsters tried to steel lorries from a local business.  That failed, but they did manage to get their hands on a bulldozer.  A heavy duty jeep with a trailer was stolen from a local farmer.  The gangsters attacked the front of the branch with the bulldozer for several minutes in order to get their hands on the ATM.  The bank manager, who lives above the shop, said she feared the whole building would collapse.

Stones were hurled at a neighbour, who came to see what all the racket was.

“Stones were also thrown at a car passing by.  When the police arrived, the gangsters fled on foot. They proceeded to steal a second car and used this to flee in the direction of the Dutch border” the mayor said.

The mayor confirms the gangsters did get away with some loot, but the exact amount hasn’t been divulged.

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