Vaccine or medicine to sort corona?

Virologist Steven Van Gucht of the Belgian health science institute Sciensano has spoken of his expectation that by next year a vaccine or a drug will become available to deal with coronavirus cases.

Prof Van Gucht told nws.nws.nws, VRT’s news channel for youngsters: “I am confident that by next year we will possess new weapons in our armoury to be able to deal with coronavirus properly.  It could be a vaccine, but also an efficient drug.  There is no guarantee, but I am confident.”

A drug or medicine could reduce the need for hospitalisations: “In that way the problem would be sorted too.  I believe that chances are high and we will be in that situation in the course of next year.”

A drug or a vaccine would provide good perspectives: “In part it would take us back to a far more normal society” Prof Van Gucht told nws.nws.nws.

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