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City of Lisbon and Grand Duchy of Luxemburg added to "red zones"

The Belgian Foreign Office has adapted its travel advice for a number of places. Among the areas coloured red by the Belgian government, are the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and the Dutch province of Utrecht. And a city trip to Lisbon is not a good idea for the moment. 

The new restrictions will apply as from 4pm on Friday. It is no longer forbidden to travel to a red area, but "a strictly negative advice" applies. However, you will still have to self-isolate for at least a week and undergo a corona test if you return to Belgium from a red area after a 48-hour stay there (or longer).

In the Netherlands, the Dutch provinces of Noord- and Zuid-Holland (including Rotterdam and Amsterdam) had been coloured red last week, now Utrecht province has been added to this list. 

The whole of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, the island of Malta and the Swiss canton of Genève will become a no-go area tomorrow afternoon, as will the regions of Tirol and Vorarlberg in Austria and parts of the Czech Republic. And if you would be looking for a destination for a city trip, you can scrap Lisbon from the list.  

Various new départements in France have been blacklisted as well, including the popular Tarn region, the Calvados in Normandy and the Landes area at the south-west coast. 

What to do

For a complete list of the destinations, please check the website of the Foreign Office.  The map below gives a good idea about where to go and which places can best be avoided. Travellers to Belgium should also fill in a passenger locator form (unless you stay less than 48 hours). 

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