PM warns: "Big chance that corona measures will be tightened soon"

Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès has spoken in the Chamber of Representatives, responding to criticism that the corona restrictions are being relaxed too much. In fact, stricter measures are on the table already: "The more serious the health situation, the fewer contacts we can have."

Various experts expressed their astonishment after the PM's address at the end of the National Security Council yesterday. Sophie Wilmès announced that we can have more close contacts (five for each family member) without social distancing and without wearing a mouth mask as from 1 October.(this is now five for a whole family). Virologists said that this is not the moment to relax restrictions, as figures are taking a turn for the worse. 

Speaking in federal parliament this afternoon, Sophie Wilmès retorted that this new rule about the five close contacts may be adapted again soon, if the figures continue to rise. "I can tell you that the chance is big that we will impose more restrictions in the short term, as the health situation in Belgium is worsening."

The PM also spoke about the Covid barometer, which would bring colour codes for each province, depending on the number of hospitalisations. The darker the barometer, the stricter the measures would be. This barometer is not being imposed yet, which triggered a lot of criticism. But the PM said "this job will be finished in the coming days." 

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