A&E Doctor Jan Stroobants: "Security Council should do its homework again"

Three leading physicians have written an open letter in reaction to the decisions taken during Wednesday’s National Security Council. The letter was written by the Chair of the general practitioners’ association Domus Medica Roel van Geel, the Chair of the A&E doctor’s association Jan Stroobants and the Chair of the intensive care association Geert Meyfroidt. In their letter they call for modifications to the measures decided on Wednesday in order to prevent a repeat of the situation with regard to COVID-19 that we endured during the spring. 

"We were bewildered”, Dr Stroobants told VRT Radio 1’s morning news and current affairs programme ‘De ochtend’. “We were all waiting for an answer to be given to the problems we are currently encountering and those that are on their way. We had hope for a safe and adequate answer given in a way that people could understand. However, both the focus and the time of what was said were completely wrong”.

"The focus was toning down the measures or at least giving the impression that this was the case. However, the focus must now be on how we are going to protect our older and vulnerable population against increasing numbers of infections and hospital admission. The Security Council needs to do its homework again”, Dr Stroobants said.

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