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Middelkerke’s new state of the art casino building will be a “landmark building”

The winning design for the new casino building in the West Flemish coastal resort of Middelkerke has been unveiled. The building that will be called “De Bolder” (the bollard) will cost 41 million euro to build. Its unique location will mean that it will form a landmark along the Flemish coast. Included in the coast of the building is work to the Epernayplein, the square next to the casino. 

The casino building will include a 60-room hotel. The siting and design of the new casino means that local residents and holiday homes in the area of the casino won’t lose any of their sea view.

The front at Middelkerk will be extended towards the sea and Epernayplein will be expanded to include dunes and areas of greenery. As well as a casino and a hotel the new building will include an events hall, a foyer and a restaurant.

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