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New Belgian government to seek endorsement in European Parliament?

1 October is the goal seven parties have set to install a new Belgian government.  If that succeeds the new team will have to seek a mandate from the Belgian Parliament.  If a deal is struck in time for the new squad’s government declaration to be read out to lawmakers on 1 October, then this will happen in the hemicycle of the European Parliament building in Brussels and not in the Belgian Parliament building as is usually the case. The Belgian and European Parliaments have both agreed to the move.

The reading out of the government declaration and the new team seeking an endorsement from a majority in the chamber of representatives is the first hurdle of any new administration.  The people of Belgium have shown great patience, but if we are reading the runes correctly the new team could be ready to seek the support of a majority of MPs on 1 October. This time round, the new government faces a novel obstacle.  Due to corona lawmakers are unable all to fit in into the chamber of representatives.

But by switching the event to the European Parliament all lawmakers will be able to attend in person, while observing social distancing!

However, not everybody is so enamoured of the idea.  Dutch MEP Esther de Lange took to social media to say the risk of infection was big enough without letting in a further 150 Belgians!

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