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“How long before they are at each other’s throats?”

Supporters of the Flemish far right Vlaams Belang converged on the capital from twenty starting points across Flanders this morning to protest against the Vivaldi government-in-waiting. The convoys headed for a carpark at the Heizel exhibition centre that according to one VRT News reporter “coloured entirely black and gold” as everybody waved their Flemish lion flag.

The location was chosen to ensure nobody could accuse the party of flouting corona measures.  The convoys heading for Brussels caused considerable congestion here and there, but when everybody had eventuality arrived Brussels police counted 4,500 cars.

“The signal of the Fleming must be heard even in the ivory towers of Brussels politicians” said an excited Vlaams Belang leader Tom Van Grieken. The far right leader had invited the Flemish nationalist party N-VA, Belgium’s biggest and not part of the new Vivaldi Coalition, to take part, but N-VA did not respond.

Not everybody here is Vlaams Belang” insisted Mr Van Grieken. “There are many local N-VA officials as well as unhappy Flemish liberals and Christian democrats.”

“A seven-party coalition with parties from the right and the left.  How long will it take before they are at each other’s throats?” asked one supporter.

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