Another night of gales on the Flemish coast

It’s been another blustery night on the Flemish coast with significant rainfall in many parts of West and East Flanders.

The 10 to 40 litres of rain per square metre forecast in western parts materialised, but unlike Friday night when there was considerable damage to buildings and many a tree was uprooted, damage on Saturday night was more limited.

Over the past 48 hours the town of Wetteren in East Flanders must have seemed the wettest spot on the planet. 120mm of rain per square metre fell from the heavens equalling the usual rainfall of a month and a half.

Even this morning there were bracing conditions outside our newsroom in Ostend with wind speeds reaching up to 8 (Gale) and 9 (Severe Gale) Beaufort. Gusts of 101km/h were recorded at the naval base at Zeebrugge, 94 km/h at Nieuwpoort.

A code yellow weather alert is valid for the coast this morning. The wind will ease in the course of the day with drier conditions on the way, but wind speeds could still reach 6 Beaufort (Strong Breeze) on the coast.   A calm night is in prospect, with drier and settled conditions for the start of the week, though rain and wind will pick up in the course of the week.

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