Antwerp police seize major quantities of laughing gas

Police in the northern port city have seized large quantities of laughing gas intended for recreational purposes.  148 bottles of laughing gas were recovered from a car and the ground at a site on the Boomsesteenweg.

The police made their discovery on Saturday evening after a tip-off.  Local residents had reported suspicious goings-on at the site.  Police encountered four individuals.  Two were held, but two others fled the scene. Police managed to track down one of these two individuals using a tracker dog.

Black balloons were recovered from a second vehicle.  Use of laughing gas for recreational purposes is banned in the city of Antwerp.  The bottles were seized and the police drew up a report.

Earlier on Saturday Antwerp police seized 70 bottles of laughing gas from the car park of a care home in the Zuid District of the city.  The bottles were discovered during an operation intended to clamp down on youth delinquency.    


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