Virologist Steven Van Gucht describes the latest figures as “encouraging”

Although latest figures on the number of new novel coronavirus infections in Belgium still show an upward trend the rise is now less sharp that has been the case in previous days.  

Speaking on Monday morning the virologist Steven Van Gucht told journalists “During the past week the rise in the number of new infections has been less pronounced. We seem to be evolving towards a flattening out phase. This is an encouraging sign. It shows that we can all make a difference. The key to this is in all our hands. Keep observing the golden rules so that we can halt the rising curve”.

Although the rise in the number of new cases may be slowing down the figures remain high. “Certainly among the over 70’s”, Professor Van Gucht said. “There the increase is considerabley higher than the national average. During the past week 769 people within this group tested positive, this was 542 the week before and is a rise of 42%”.  

The largest increase in new infections came in the Brussels-Capital Region. During the week from 18 to 24 September there were an average of 323 confirmed infections every day. This is 11% up of the figures for the previous week. Here too the rate of increase is slowing, “But the number of new infections remains high. More than 10% of tests are positive, this more than twice the Belgian average”.


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