Brussels introduces ban on prostitution

The Brussels region introduced a set of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus at the weekend, but individual municipalities – there are 19 different municipalities in Brussels – can introduce what are labelled ‘other, far-reaching measures’. The City of Brussels has decided to put words into action and has banned prostitution on its entire territory with immediate effect.

Burgomaster Close’s office confirmed the news on Monday.    The authorities argue that prostitution is an activity that involves close contacts between people that include the exchange of bodily fluids.  The ban affects street prostitution as well as indoor prostitution. The ban that will be enforced by local police will apply for an indefinite period.

Hotels in the Alhambra Quarter, frequented by punters and sex workers, have been ordered to close. Sex workers and their clients will first be made aware of the new regulation before any fines are meted out.

The latest figures show that in the Brussels region 323 people a day are testing positive for coronavirus, while in Antwerp Province that has double the population the figure is 277 a day.  The figure for Liège Province is 204 a day.

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