Car stuck down steps at Ghent’s St Peter’s Station!

A motorist made an error of judgement this morning and drove his car down the steps leading to the bike stands under Ghent’s iconic St Peter’s Station.  The car immediately got stuck half way down.

Ghent police insist it wasn’t a case of reckless driving.  The motorist seems to have followed a signpost intended for pedestrians that guides them to the kiss & ride zone.  Fortunately the accident happened during the late morning and nobody, not even the confused driver, was hurt.

Matto Langeraert of Ghent police rushed to the driver’s defence:  “The motorist stuck to the speed limit and shied away from carrying out any dangerous manoeuvres.”

It’s not the first time an incident like this happens.  Last year too a driver found himself on his way down the steps.

Ghent police are writing to the proprietor of the bike stands in connection with the sign and in a bid to prevent any repeat of this unfortunate occurrence.

The car had to be towed back to ground level where the driver could pursue his journey with a story to tell.

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