Colour code barometer to decide permitted number of social contacts

Celeval, the panel advising the governments on corona measures, has finalised its proposals for the new colour-coded barometer that will decide which measures take effect in which parts of the country.

The barometer was mooted after last Wednesday’s security council, but the experts were given more time to fine-tune it.

The experts recommend that the colour code attributed to each province will depend either on the number of people in hospital or the number of positive tests. Belgium’s politicians will now have the final say on the modalities of the barometer. Depending on the intensity of the epidemic stricter or less strict measures will be introduced per province.

Under the original proposal there were four colour codes: green, yellow, orange and red. Each code determines how many close contacts you may have, what social distance you need to respect at gatherings, whether face coverings should be worn indoors and out and whether the passenger locator form needs to be filled in and quarantine observed on return from abroad.

Celeval is advising the governments to liaise with individual sectors before introducing the new barometer, so it’s not being introduced just yet.

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