Download Belgium’s corona app from Wednesday!

After so many other countries Belgium too is now introducing a corona app that you will be able to download onto your smartphone.  The app will work in all three regions of our complex country.

PM Sophie Wilmès (Francophone liberal) announced the arrival of the new corona app Coronalert following last Wednesday’s meeting of the national security council.  Belgium’s interfederal Committee Testing & Tracing has confirmed the app has been tested and works: “Technically everything is operational.  We just need to keep an eye on communication between patients and their family doctors” an official said.

The app is intended to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and will record who you have been in contact with anonymously.  When a doctor prescribes a corona test, the app user can generate a code that is linked to this test.  If the test is positive, the app will receive this information and everybody who has been in close contact with the infected person will be alerted.

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