Alexander De Croo to become the new Belgian PM

Flemish liberal Alexander De Croo is to become the new Belgian premier.  Mr De Croo is the first Fleming to fill the post since 2011. He will now head a seven-party coalition of Flemish and Francophone liberals, socialists and greens plus the Flemish Christian democrats.

Mr De Croo first entered government in 2012 as Flemish Deputy Premier and pensions minister under PM Di Rupo (Francophone socialist).  During the subsequent Michel administration he came more to the fore, serving as international development minister and minister charged with the digital agenda, telecommunications and the post office. He also retained the office of (Flemish liberal) deputy premier – every party usually has one, except often the PM’s party.  Mr De Croo also impresses his party, influencing budget policy in talks with coalition partners and gaining weight within the party apparatus..

Alexander De Croo is a Master of Science in Business Engineering and former businessman.  He is the son of veteran Belgian politician Herman De Croo, who helped to launch his son’s career when Flemish liberal fortunes were in the doldrums after the Verhofstadt administrations.

Mr De Croo is also a defender of gender equality and in a recent book criticised the lack of ambition granted to the role women can play in societies across the globe.

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