‘Feet Man’ accused of unacceptable behaviour in Ghent

Police in Ghent are trying to track down the ‘Feet Man’.  So far 17 Ghent students have filed a complaint against this foot fetishist.

Ghent public prosecutors have asked the federal police to publicise an identikit photo of the man who has troubled many a female student in the city for over a decade and a half now. 

Stories about this foot fetishist started to circulate in Ghent student circles as early as 2006.  The police say his actions are unacceptable and need to be stopped.

A latest incident was reported on 31 July when a female student was on her way home to her digs.  She noticed she was being followed and when she entered her building the stranger followed and signed with gestures and sounds that he needed assistance.  He started to draw on the wall.  The student then gave him pencil and paper in the hope he could explain himself. He drew a house, a girl and a naked foot and got the student to sit down and started to open her shoe.  The student removed her shoe in the hope of learning what then stranger meant.  He then proceeded to press her naked foot against his nose, counted to five and then ran off.

The Feet Man has never used violence, but the police say his actions are having a big impact on his victims.  “I don’t believe his intentions were sexual, but what he was doing was wrong” one victim said.

The police have asked the man to come forward and believe he needs help. The Feet Man stands between 1.70m and 1.75m tall, is possibly of East European heritage, and has dark, often very short hair.  It’s unclear whether he can’t talk or is just dissembling.

You can contact the police toll-free on 0800/30.300.

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