New Federal Government wins confidence vote

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo’s (Flemish liberal) new Federal Government has, as expected gained the backing of a large majority of federal MPs in a confidence vote on Saturday. 87 MPs gave the new government their backing.  Two days after the new Federal Government’s policy statement and a day after a debate on the new government’s plans the members of the Chamber of Representatives that were meeting in the much larger and corona-safer European Parliament gave their backing to Alexander De Croo and his team. 

All MPs from the 7 parties that make up the new coalition that were present voted to give their confidence to the Flemish and Francophone liberal, socialist and green and Flemish Christian democrat coalition government. The Flemish Christian democrat MP Hendrik Bogaert, who had previously expressed his opposition to his party joining the coalition was among those that gave it their backing in Saturday’s vote.

The independent MP Emir Kir, who was expelled from the Francophone socialists earlier this year also backed the new government in the confidence vote.

54 MP’s voted against the government in the vote. They were all the MP’s from the Flemish national party N-VA, the far-right party Vlaams Belang and the hard-left party PVDA-PTB. The independent MP Jean-Marie Dedecker also voted against the new government.

The 5 MPs from the Francophone Christian democrat party CDH and the 2 MPs from the Francophone federalist party Défi abstained. 2 MPs were absent from the vote.

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