CEO Brussels University Hospital "A lot of people don’t realise what’s happening”

With the recent increase in the number of coronavirus infections the hospitals in and around Brussels are starting to reach full capacity for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. The CEO of Brussels University Hospital Marc Noppen has told VRT News that during the past few days his hospital’s capacity to treat patients with COVID-19 has been filled. 

As many COVID-19 patients at the hospital are on intensive care wards, Brussels University Hospital is being forced to look on a day-to-day basis at whether serious operations on non-COVID patients can go ahead as planned. Each morning we look at what can be done”, Professor Noppen said.  

Brussels University Hospital has already had to transfer patients to other hospitals within its hospital network. “However, if the situation worsens still further our hospital with have to look for solutions outside our own network”, Professor Noppen explained.  

“The situation gives us cause for concern”. Professor Noppen reminds us that the effects of coronavirus as still as bad as what they were in the “I have the impression that this has not sunk in with people in society and among policy makers”.

He adds that in order to make the curve go down again the authorities need to invest in making the general public aware of what needs to be done.  

“I understand that people are tired of corona and are always given the same message. But you will be shocked how many people don’t fully realise what is happening. We have noticed this among patients. There really is room for more information and awareness.

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