PHOTONEWS/Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten

Health Minister advises us to limit our contacts to three people

Belgium’s new Federal Health Minister Frank Vandebroucke (Flemish socialist) has said that it is now advisable that people in Belgium limit their close contacts to a maximum of just three people plus the people they share a home with. Mr Vandenbroucke first made his comments in an interview with the Francophone commercial broadcaster RTL on Sunday morning. 

The Health Minister told RTL that he is very concerned about the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic in Belgium. “The trend doesn’t look good. There is a real danger that capacity in our hospitals could become exhausted if the number of hospitalisations continues to rise.  

Speaking later Sunday morning Mr Vandenbroucke told VRT News that measures to prevent the situation getting out of hand are currently being examined. “But I am not going to announce any new measures now”. Mr Vandenbroucke said that he wants to avoid measures to deal with the coronavirus crisis simply being improvised.


Nevertheless, Mr Vandenbroucke did offer the following advice to the public that was given completely off his own bat. The Health Minister said that we above all need to be more careful and that we should limit our close contacts to a strict minimum.

Based on what we know about the epidemic, Mr Vandebroucke says that it is best to limit close contacts with people from outside your home to just three people. This is two less that the “social bubble of 5” rule that is currently in place.

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