“Well-being of our dogs is as important as that of our other staff”

On the occasion of World Animal Day police dogs in the Brussels West police zone have been gifted stab deflecting jackets.  The jackets are intended to protect the police dogs against all forms of sharp objects, bites and explosions.

“The Brussels West police zone is one of the few that protects its dogs, who on a daily basis are responsible for the security of the inhabitants of five Brussels boroughs, with jackets like these” said police chief Johan Berckmans. “Every single one of our eleven canines received its stab deflecting jacket this week.  They protect our dogs against all forms of sharp objects, knives, but also bites from other dogs.  They also provide protection against fireworks and minor explosions.”

“The welfare and security of our dogs is as important as that of our other staff.  Just as their handlers are equipped with a bullet proof vest our dogs too are now protected as much as possible against violent acts.  Last year one of our dogs was seriously injured during an operation.  Its life hung by a thread, but thanks to good care it survived.  Today, together with its ten other colleagues, it is a trusted value out on the beat” said Berckmans.

The new jackets can be adjusted for size and possess Velcro fasteners.  Thanks to their light materials the jackets offer protection to dogs weighing between 25 and 40 kilos.

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