Corona: "Acceleration in the number of infections"

During the last seven day observation period, on average, over 2,100 people tested positive for coronavirus each day. In recent days figures in excess of 3,000 have been recorded.

Averages have risen 32% in only a week’s time.

More and more corona patients are ending up in hospital. During the past week, on average, 77 people a day were hospitalised in Belgium.  Last week the average stood at 64.

866 people are currently being treated for Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus.  It’s above all in Brussels that figures have shot up.

On average 9 people a day are now dying of Covid.

At Monday’s news conference of the national crisis centre virologist Steven Van Gucht noted: “We are noticing an acceleration in the number of infections.  This is not a stabilisation.  We are following what happened in France and the Netherlands”.

Most infections occur among older teenagers and twenty-year-olds, but there has also been a strong surge in the number of patients in their nineties: “In this age category there has been a ten-fold increase since September” said Van Gucht.  “Nonagenarians are particularly vulnerable.  This is worrying.”

For more detailed data head to the website of the health science institute Sciensano.

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