Self-service restaurant chain Lunch Garden announces 138 job losses

The self-service restaurant chain Lunch Garden has announced that is to shed 138. Currently 1,100 people work for Lunch Garden at its more than 70 restaurants across Belgium. In a press statement released on Tuesday morning Lunch Garden said that none of its restaurants will be closed completely for the time being at least. 

The exact consequences of the loss of 138 full time equivalents on its staff will be the subject of discussion between Lunch Garden’s management and the unions that represent those employed there.

Like others in the hospitality industry Lunch Garden has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. The company wants to cut costs and says that it has no choice other than to cut staff.

The company hopes to avoid any forced redundencies. Management at Lunch Garden wrote in a statement that it is having to cut back on staff in order to maintain its position as an established part of the Belgian retail scene.  

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