Corona: “It’s not just a matter of Brussels”

Prof Erika Vlieghe, infectious diseases expert and member of Celeval, the body that advises the government on corona measures, has welcomed the stricter package of measures announced last night and which take effect on Friday.  Prof Vlieghe is confident the corona barometer that links measures to the state of the infection per province will be launched this week.

“The barometer indicates orange at the moment.  In Brussels it’s nearly red” says Vlieghe.

There’s been a lot of criticism that the whole country is now being punished because the situation in Brussels is so dire.  Prof Vlieghe counters this assertion: “We should be careful of playing cities and provinces off against each other.  But it’s true the situation in Brussels has been difficult since the end of August.  There are many municipalities with numerous problems.  It’s not only a problem of Brussels, though the situation there is particularly bad.”

Measures include limiting close contacts to three people from outside the household per person. Prof Vlieghe describes the new measures as the first necessary step against the resurgence of the virus. “The Rule of 3 gets us thinking.  Hopefully all the new measures will help us to gain control over the virus.”

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