“No, coronavirus isn’t an excuse for speeding”

Belgian police are staging a new marathon action to clamp down on speeding motorists.  Checks started as early as 6AM on Wednesday and will continue, unabated, for 24 hours.

It’s the 13th time Belgian police are staging such a concerted action to track down and punish speeding drivers.

Officers will pay particular attention to speeding motorists.  They will be deployed on every type of road the kingdom possesses, from small minor roads to motorways.  “We will try and surprise motorists” says federal police officer Ricour.  “Even in corona times we don’t want any loss of life through speeding.  Every life matters and corona isn’t an excuse for speeding!”

We have to go back a year to find the last speed marathon.  1.2 million vehicles were checked.  One in 40 vehicles, 2.5%, were speeding. The police promise stiff penalties for speed offenders.  Punishment can range from a fine to having your licence withdrawn and your day in court.

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