Corona latest: 57% hike in cases in a week

More and more people are coming down with coronavirus in Belgium.  During the last seven-day observation period, on average, 2,466 people a day tested positive for coronavirus.  The figure is 57% up on the week.

On average, during the past week, 84 patients with coronavirus were hospitalised a day.  The figure is up from 67 a day last week.

952 people are currently being treated in hospital with Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus.  Nearly half of the 2,000 Belgian hospital beds set aside to treat corona patients are now full.  (Last April 6,000 beds were set aside for corona patients.)

189 of the 952 patients are receiving critical care including 85 patients whose breathing is being supported.

There’s been a slight increase in the average number of daily fatalities: 11 up from 10 a week ago.

7.7% of corona tests are now coming back positive.  According to the World Health Organisation a figure of 5% or more is ‘problematic’ as it suggests the epidemic is deepening or an insufficient number of tests is being carried out.

With regard to infection rates Steven Van Gucht of the science health institute Sciensano told a news conference that Brussels was the second ranked European capital, sandwiched in between Madrid and Paris.

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