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Fake account convinced celebs to send sexy photos

A suspect has been detained in connection with the dissemination of naked photographs of Flemish celebs Stan Van Samang, Peter Van De Veire and Sean Dhondt. Two suspects have made full confessions.  One of the two has been arrested, the other has been freed under licence.

In September singer/actor Stan Van Samang filed a complaint with the legal authorities after photographs of him in the nude were distributed on social media.  The federal police computer crime unit was put on the case to find out who had shared the snaps without the singer’s permission.

Similar photos showing radio and TV hosts Van De Veire and Dhondt also confirmed naked photos of their persons were also circulating without their permission, but they shied away from legal action.

A month later two suspects were identified and confessed.  They admit creating a false social media account and contacting the Flemish celebs and convincing them to send naked photos and sex videos, which they later disseminated.

Distributing naked images without consent can land you in jail for up to 5 years and get you an 80,000 euro fine.

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