Young wolf killed on Limburg road

A young wolf has been hit by a car and killed on a road in Limburg Province. The dead wolf is believed to be probably one of the wolf cubs that were born in Limburg Province early this year. Jan Loos of the nature conservation organisation Welkom Wolf (Welcome Wolf) has once again called for safe crossing places for wolves to be installed along the busiest highways in areas such as parts of Limburg Province where it is known that there are wolves. 

It was on the N74 at Hechtel-Eksel heeft that a lorry driver spotted a dead animal lying on the road on Friday morning. The trucker raised the alarm and an expert from the Nature Assistance Centre at Oudsbergen (Limburg) confirmed that the dead animal was a wolf.

There is a strong possibility that the wolf is one of the cubs born to a wolf couple that had been given the names Noëlla and August earlier this year. Experts from the Oudsbergen Nature Assistance Centre have taken the wolf away for examination.

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