Another big rise in infections, hospitalisations and deaths from COVID-19

The public health science institute Sciensano has published new figures relating to the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. The figures that are 7-day rolling averages show significant increases in the number of people testing positive for the virus, the number of people being hospitalised and the number of people dying of COVID-19.

During the week between 30 September and 6 October there were an average of 3,275 per day tested positive for the novel coronavirus in Belgium. This is an 80% rise on the 7-day period between 23 and 29 September.  

·        During the week between the 3 and 9 October and average of 107 COVID-19 patients were admitted to Belgian hospital each day. This is 56% up on the average number of hospital admissions during the previous week.

·        Current 1,188 COVID-19 patients are being cared for in Belgian hospitals. Of these 212 are on intensive care wards and 97 are on ventilators.

·        During the week between 30 September and 6 October an average of 13 people per day after having become infected with the novel coronavirus. This is 64% higher that the daily COVID-19 death toll during the previous week.

·        The ratio of positive test stands at 9 per 100. According to WHO guideline a ratio higher than 5 per 100 is problematic. This is because it indicates that either a lot of people are becoming infected or that not enough tests are being carried out.

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