(c) Marco Hillen/ Hollandse Hoogte

Stricter corona measures introduced in Wallonia

Extra measures to try and curb the spread of the novel coronavirus come into force from today in Wallonia. Although additional restrictions on top of those already imposed by the federal authorities are now applicable in most of Wallonia, the authorities in the 5 Walloon provinces have stopped short of imposing a curfew. 

None of the measures listed below apply to the 9 German-speaking municipalities in the east of Liège Province.  In Luxembourg, Namur, Hainaut and Liège provinces all canteens at sport clubs must close from today (Saturday 10 October). The measure doesn’t not apply in Walloon Brabant. 

Meanwhile, in Liège and Luxembourg Provinces alcohol may no longer be consumed in public places between the hours of 11pm and 6am. In Hainaut, Liège and Luxembourg provinces there is now also a ban on selling door to door. 

The measures will remain in force for a month. The number of coronavirus infections is rising more quickly in many parts of Wallonia than is the case in much of Flanders.


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