Four new coronavirus centres in Brussels will increase testing capacity considerably

The Brussels-Capital Region is being hit particularly hard by the second wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The authorities in the capital are teen to increase testing capacity. To this end four new testing centres will be opened. 

Currently around 5,000 coronavirus tests are carried out in the capital each day. It is hope that the new testing centres will help to increase this number to 9,000 tests/day before the end of the year.   

The four new large testing centres will be on the Pachecolaan in the centre of Brussels, near to the Merode metro station in Etterbeek, next to the Albert underground tram top in Vorst and next to Palace 12 at Brussels Expo in the Laken district of the city.

The aim is for the four centres to reach a maximum capacity of 7,500 tests per day.

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