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Police break up illegal student party at Brussels hotel

Police in Brussels broke up a party that was being held in blatant violation of the measures designed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus on Saturday night. 54 people were at the student party that was held in a hotel in Brussels City Centre. Police intervened to bring the illegal festivities to an end at around 2am on Sunday, the Brussels-Capital-Elsene Local Police Service Spokesman Olivier Slosse told journalists. 

It was a police patrol car that notice a larger than normal number of comings and goings around the small city centre hotel that is officially allowed to accommodate 18 people. However, when police checked inside the hotel, they found no fewer than 54 people, all of whom were there to party.

The rooms at the hotel had been let to students. Police broke up the party and issued all those present with crime notices for offences related to the violation of the coronavirus measures.

The police spokesman Olivier Slosse called on hoteliers and landlords of rented property to be vigilant.

"Wherever we discover illegal parties we bring them to an end and deal with the participants in the appropriate way. This is how we try and tackle the growth in the number of coronavirus infections”. 

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