970,000 downloads so far Coronalert app

Since its launch on 30 September 970,000 people have downloaded the Coronalert contact tracing app. The figures come from one of the people that the developed the app Professor Bart Preneel, who was speaking in an interview with the press agency Belga. 

The app that is designed to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus was launched at the end of last month. It is available for both the iOS and Android operating systems. The app stores anonymous information on who its users have been in physical contact with. As soon as a doctor writes them a prescription for a coronavirus test the user can enter a code into the app that can be linked to their test results. If the test is positive the users receives notification in their app and its sends a message to everyone that they have been in close contact with.

In less than two weeks 970,000 Belgians have already downloaded the app. The Inter-federal Committee for Testing and Tracing is still calling on the population to down the app onto their smartphones.

The Committee’s spokeswoman Carmen De Rudder told journalists that "The rising figures show just how important contact tracing is and the app is an important part of this”.


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