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106-year-old West Flemish woman survives COVID-19

Godelieve Voet (106) from the West Flemish town of Ieper is probably the oldest person to survive COVID-19 in Flanders. Born in the year in which the Great War started, she has seen good times and bad during her more than a century-long life. On Monday Godelieve Voet was discharged from the Jan Yperman Hospital in Ieper. She had survived an illness that has killed many thousands of Flemings that are a good deal younger than she is. 

In an interview with Radio 2 West Flanders Ms Voet joked “They don’t need me up there just yet. I am happy that I am still here”.

Godelieve Voet became infected with coronavirus a few weeks ago at the Huize Zonnelied care home where she lives. “I thought it was the end. My grandson came to say farewell and I was transferred to hospital. I thought that I would never see him again.”

Ms Voet’s grandson told Radio 2 "She lay there like a little sick bird. But her perseverance and the good care given by the hospital got her through. Once she was a bit better, I called her twice a day to encourage her to pull through. Now she walks and talks as if nothing happened. It is incredible”.  

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Birthday spent in quarantine

“You can’t live without happiness nor without misery”, Ms Voet added.

“There is no point in getting down in the dumps. I was forced to spend my 106th birthday in quarantine. It’s not nice, but you don’t have any choice in life”.

Godelieve Voet will continue her recovery at a care facility in the seaside town of Nieuwpoort. “There is a lot of space there to walk and the air is good. I am going to spend my last years there”.


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