Corona latest: more worrying data

The latest corona figures from Belgium’s health science institute Sciensano do not provide heartening reading.  During the week starting 3 October, on average, 4,449 people a day tested positive for coronavirus.  The figure is up 79% on the previous week.   During the week starting 26 September, on average, 2,490 people a day came down with coronavirus.

The number of hospitalisations too is on the rise.  In the week starting 6 October, on average, 136 people a day were hospitalised.  The figure is up 68% compared with the previous week, starting 29 September, when, on average, there were 81 hospitalisations a day.

Yesterday, Monday, 162 people were hospitalised across Belgium.  1,472 patients are currently being treated in hospital for Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus.  267 patients are receiving critical care.  126 are getting assisted breathing.

On average, during the week starting 3 October, 17 people a day died with coronavirus.  The average is up 7 on the previous week, starting 26 September.

In the week starting 3 October, on average, 39,900 people were tested for coronavirus.  11.1% of tests came back positive. 


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