More than 7,000 coronavirus tests already carried out at Brussels Airport

Since it was opened on 14 September the Test Centre at Brussels Airport in Zaventem (Flemish Brabant) has carried out more than 7,000 coronavirus tests. A mobile laboratory has now been opened at the Test Centre. This means that the tests can be processed on site, allowing the results to be analysed more quickly. 

Up until now passengers tested at the centre have had to wait an average of 9 hours for their results. Thanks to the opening of the on-site laboratory the wait for results should be reduced to just 4 hours. A spokesperson told VRT News that "This is especially useful for passengers that are due to fly out and need a negative test certificate to travel to certain destinations".  

An effective and efficient testing system is crucial to the relaunch of aviation and the economy in general. “The Test Centre and the laboratory for an important part of the solution to making travel safe and offering perspectives for recovery to the aviation industry that is absolutely necessary for its survival”.

The airport also announced on Tuesday that temperatures checks on passengers arriving at Zaventem will be stopped. This is because the Federal Government has decided that passengers returning from red zone areas don’t have to get tested until five days after their return. Temperature checks for passengers that are departing will remain in place. 

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