Night curfew in two Walloon Provinces

Two Walloon provinces have announced additional measures to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. These measures come on top of those previously brought in by the federal authorities and the provincial authorities in the region that covers the French-speaking south of Belgium. 

From 13 October a night curfew will be in force across the whole of Walloon Brabant and Luxembourg Province. The additional measures were agreed by the provincial authorities and local mayors at a Crisis Cell meeting chaired by the Provincial Governors. For the next 15 days people in Walloon Brabant and Luxembourg Province won’t be allowed to venture outside without a valid reason between the hours of 1am and 6am.  

The reasons listed below are considered to be “valid reasons” for people to be out of their homes:

·        A medical emergency

·        Force majeur

·        Offering assistance to vulnerable people

·        Travelling to or from work

·        Leaving for or returning from a trip abroad

In addition to this all door to door activities are banned. This measure is designed to stop people going trick or treating. Furthermore, eating and drinking is now banned at flea markets, markets and other places where the wearing of masks is mandatory.

Canteens at sport clubs in Walloon Brabant are now no longer allowed to serve alcohol and they must now close no later than half an hour after the last sporting activity has ceased. Changing rooms at sport clubs will also remain closed. Swimming pools form an exception to this. Municipal authorities can make exceptions to the rules listed above if they so wish.  

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