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Police break up illegal poker tournament

Police in the Limburg city of Hasselt ended a poker tournament in which around 30 players were taking part on Monday evening. The room in which the tournament was taking place was far too small for the rules on social distancing to be respected. 

The poker tournament took place in a building on the Rechterstraat in the north of the city. The 30 players were packed in far too close to each other and it was clear that the rules designed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirusweren't being respected.

Not only were the rules on social distancing not being observed, but the rules limiting the number of people that are allowed to attend gatherings were also being flouted. The organiser of the tournament was fined 750 euro. The 29 other participants were fined 250 euro each.

In addition to breaches of the rules relating to coronavirus, the tournament took place without the necessary licence from the Gaming Commission. It was stopped straight away.


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