archive photo: King Filip visits Brussels University Hospital

“Half of all critical care beds in Brussels for Covid patients”

Hospitals in the Brussels Region are implementing Phase 1B of the medical care distribution plan intended to ensure Covid and non-Covid care.  Under Phase 1B half of all critical care beds in a hospital are reserved for Covid patients.  Elsewhere in Belgium Phase 1A is implemented meaning a quarter of critical care beds in each hospital are set aside for Covid patients.

The measure’s been taken in Brussels as Covid cases continue to soar.

The plan also envisages that patients can be transferred to other hospitals in other areas to ensure care can be provided to all. 

Under Phase 1B, if applied across the country, 1,000 critical care beds or half the entire capacity will be reserved for Covid patients.

When all these beds are full, the medical care distribution plan envisages only one further step at the minute.  Under this phase 60% of the country’s critical care beds are set aside for Covid patients.  This step also means that more critical care beds than are currently available will have to be created. Under the plan 40% of critical care beds must always be set aside for non-Covid patients.

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