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Will Dutch lockdown trigger rush on a Belgian pint?

The Netherlands has closed its bars and restaurants in a bid to stem the spread of coronavirus.  In Belgium there are concerns large numbers of Dutch punters could head south of the border for a glass of proper beer, but Belgian border municipalities don’t expect an immediate rush of Dutch custom at Flemish bars and restaurants just yet.

Mayors in border municipalities will monitor the situation and intervene where necessary. They have no wish to close the border as happened in the spring.  Dutch people are welcome as long as they stick to the rules.

Marino Keulen is the Mayor of Lanaken in Limburg Province: “I am pleased. At last Belgian and Dutch policies agree: cross border journeys only for essential trips.  Hospitality does not fall under that.  Obligatory face coverings in busy places in Belgium and the Netherlands and if there are problems because people from the Netherlands visit pubs on the Belgian side of the border because it’s not allowed in the Netherlands, then there will be a common response supported by the provincial governor”.

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