Brussels: “Our officers are discouraged from issuing fines”

Police in the Brussels Region say they are being discouraged from issuing fines for violations of corona restrictions.  During the first week of October only 46 police reports were drawn up with regard to violations of corona restrictions. The Brussels Region is keen to point out that during this period “stricter measures were not in force”.

“The procedures change all the time” says Kris Verstraeten of the liberal police union.  “There’s an awful lack of clarity about how best to deal with issues among officers out on the beat.  We’ve also noticed that prosecutors provide little response when we draw up a police report. It’s discouraging many an officer.”

In the week starting 28 September 46 police reports were drawn up including 2 in Molenbeek.

The Brussels Region points out that measures like bar closures hadn’t yet been implemented and Brussels PM Vervoort had not yet spoken about greater enforcement.

Brussels prosecutors pledge that corona dossiers will be treated with the same attention and vigilance as in past months.  During the first lockdown period 6,000 police reports were drawn up in Brussels.  It’s now emerged that a quarter of the cases resulted in an amicable settlement.  28 cases were dealt with through summary justice procedures.  1,157 cases have been processed by police courts: there were 708 convictions and 449 acquittals.

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