Flemish Erasmus student in Italy: “I’m happy I’m not in Belgium now!”

Flemish Erasmus student Sofie Camp (centre) from Wellen (Limburg) left for Italy and her Erasmus exchange studies two weeks ago.  For six months she is studying pedagogical sciences in Padua.

Last night the new students went out on the town.  Sofie says she feels safer here: “Everybody wore a face covering and the police were checking all the time. I saw the police pass by the bar several times last night.  Everybody is very strict and is doing his or her best.”

Sofie left Belgium two weeks ago.  It was supposed to be the ‘time of her life’, being an Erasmus exchange student in Italy: “It’s a shame this ‘time of your life’ is now being disturbed by corona” says Sofie “But it could have been worse.  Look at the situation in Belgium.  I’m happy I’m not in Belgium now!”

Sofie would only consider returning to Belgium if Italy introduces a complete lockdown.

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