King Filip has met his sister, Princess Delphine, for the first time

The royal palace has issued a picture of a meeting between Filip, King of Belgians, and his half-sister, Princess Delphine. The two royals met for the first time at Laken Castle on 9 October.  It was only two weeks ago that Princess Delphine won her case in the appeal court and secured a royal title and a share of any inheritance from her father, King Albert.

Princess Delphine is King Albert’s natural daughter, but had to go to court to get this recognised. She has always said it wasn’t about the money or a royal title.  Rather it was about being treated equally to her siblings, King Filip, Prince Laurent and Princes Astrid.

The royal palace notes that the meeting between the king and the London-based Belgian artist was a hearty one.  Their conversation touched on many subjects and was very special and allowed the king and his sister to get to know each other a lot better.

In their joint Facebook post King Filip and Princess Delphine say their bond will develop further within a family environment.

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