83-year-old man from Flemish Brabant bitten to death by his own dog

An invesigation by the Judicial Authorities in the Flemish Brabant city of Leuven into the death 83 year-old man from the municipality of Tremelo has found that he was bitten to death by his own. The man’s body was found at the Bolloheide Nature Reserve on Thursday. The prime suspect in the case in was the dead man’s dog. 

A walker found the body of the 83-year-old man at De Bolloheide in Tremelo on Thursday morning. Earlier the man had left his home to go looking for his dog that had escaped and run off.

Dog bites were found on the dead the man’s body and an investigation found that he die as a result of a dog bite to his throat.  However, another possibility examined was that the man become unwell, collapsed and wasn’t bitten until he was dying or already dead. A pathologist was appointed to carry out an autopsy and ascertain the precise cause of the man's death. On Friday afternoon the Judicial Authorities announced that the man had been killed by his dog. 

The Judicial Authorities took the dog to the De Zorghoeve animal refuge in Kortenaken (Flemish Brabant).

De Zorghoeve’s Marc De Keyser told VRT Radio 2 "We were contacted by the police and were told that the Judicial Authorities had ordered us to collect a dog and to put it to sleep. I don’t know exactly what happened but we heard that the dog bit its owner to death. We have only done what the Judicial Authorities obliged us to do”. 

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