Passenger numbers at Brussels Airport in September down 85% on September last year

Last month there were a total of 379,303 passenger movements through Brussels Airport at Zaventem in Flemish Brabant. This is just of 15.2% of the number of passengers that passed through the airport during September last year. 

The huge fall in passenger numbers has come about largely due to travel restrictions to several of the most popular destinations served by the Belgium’s busiest airport, most notably destinations in Spain.

During September 175,594 passengers departed from Zaventem, while 203,709 passengers arrived there. This is less than one sixth of the number of passenger movements recorded during September 2019.  

During last month, 45 of the more than 60 airlines that are normally active at Zaventem had flights to and/or from the airport. More than 110 destinations were served by more than 1,000 flights per week. 

Increase in air cargo traffic

Meanwhile, air cargo tonnage through Zaventem continues to increase. During September 2020 air cargo tonnage was up 18.9% on what it was during September 2019.

The total number of flights last month was down by around two-thirds on what it was a year ago. There were 7,141 flight movements during September 2020 compared with 21,533 in September 2019. The number of passenger flights was down 76.5%, while the number of cargo flights was up by 39.9% compared with September 2019.  

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