No more of this soon

“Code Orange at all unis and polytechnics”

Following Belgian governments’ decisions to introduce stricter corona measures Flemish education minister Ben Weyts let it be known that the entire Flemish higher education system would move to Code Orange.  Talks with the sector to finalise the date are planned.

Under Code Orange arrangements only one seat in five can be occupied in lecture theatres at uni.  At polytechnics a quarter of the campus capacity can be occupied.

An exemption allowing a more relaxed regime exists for first years. “I hope universities and polytechnics (schools of advanced learning) make use of this exemption that allows them to be more flexible with first year students.  In this way first years won’t suffer too much loneliness at home or in digs“ Minister Weyts said.

The decisions also mean greater restrictions in sports.  Mr Weyts, who doubles as Flemish sports minister: “Sports can continue, and with spectators.  We’ll be reviewing the protocols and making the restrictions tighter, but spectators will still be allowed to attend sports events.  Sporting life won’t have to grind to a halt.  We are having to offer up a lot during these unprecedented circumstances.  In a case like this it’s important that we retain a number of points of light including the sporting events we all look forward too”.

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