More and stricter police checks on new corona measures

The police intend to carry out stricter checks on observance of corona measures.  Federal police officers will provide support to local services.

Only hours after the governments decided on a curfew, the closure of hospitality and set new limits on your number of contacts, police services have been consulting on how to ensure compliance of the new rules.  Police officers will carry out more checks during routine work, but dedicated corona patrols will also be out and about.

The home ministry has requested stringent action.  “People are well aware of the dramatic situation and the decision has been taken to act immediately” says police official Nicholas Paelinck.

In order words police officers won’t be expected to lose their breath on telling people what they should already know.

The emphasis will be on ensuring hospitality is shut, there are no gatherings of more than 4 people, the midnight to 5AM curfew is complied with and there are no alcohol sales after 8PM.  Suspected lockdown parties can also count on a police officer attending too.

Corona fines will set you back 250 euros, even more if you land up in court.

Questions have been raised about how the police can check you only have one close contact outside your household.  Home minister Verlinden told VRT News that the virus will continue to spread, if people don’t modify their behaviour. She conceded carrying out that sort of checks would not be easy.

Police unions have asked people to show understanding for the police. “People are fed up of corona” said Carlo Medo of the NSPV union.  “We notice people are getting a lot more nervous when we point out the rules, but the police must try to enforce the law.”

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