New record: 11,737 cases last Tuesday

The latest figures from the science health institute Sciensano show further rises.  In the week starting on 8 October, on average, 7,399 people a day tested positive for coronavirus.  The figure is up 87% on the week.

Hospitalisations are up too with the daily average for the week starting on 11 October standing at 234 people.  That’s an increase of 96% on the week.

On Saturday 351 new patients were hospitalised. 2,255 people are being treated in hospital for Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus. 381 patients are receiving critical care.  The breathing of 181 patients is being assisted.  207 patients were discharged yesterday.

In the week starting 8 October, on average 28 people died each day.  The figure is up 85% on the week. Since the start of the epidemic 10,392 people have died of confirmed or suspected Covid in Belgium.

In the week starting 8 October, on average, 51,000 people were tested a day.  14.2% of tests are coming back positive.

Last Tuesday alone 11,737 people tested positive.

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