Danny Gys

Former PM Wilmès comes down with corona

Belgian foreign minister Sophie Wilmès (Francophone liberal - centre), who led the country for a year starting last October, has tested positive for coronavirus.  Ms Wilmès thinks she probably got the virus at home.

Sophie Wilmès stepped into Charles Michel’s shoes, when he vacated the post last October to become European council president.  She is the country’s first and so far only woman PM and for three months earlier this year headed a special ‘corona cabinet’ that with support from opposition parties tried to stem the spread of the pandemic.

In a message on Twitter Ms Wilmès, whose communication style as PM has been widely criticised, adds that she took her precautions out-of-doors.

“Sadly the multiplication of the number of cases reminds us that nobody is safe.  Take care of yourself and above all of each other.”

Ms Wilmès attended a council of EU foreign ministers last week together with the Austrian foreign minister, who has now also tested positive. 

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